Michael Geurts

Michael Geurts – Owner/Head Trainer - Boot Camp Company Sunshine Coast

Having spent 17 years in the Australian Army, Michael Geurts has decided to put forward his military skills and formal qualifications to produce a professional fitness bootcamp organisation.

During those 17 years in the military, Michael has worked in a variety of units, including recruit training, special forces and parachute units.

For 2 years now, Michael’s focus has been on diversifying his fitness programs, to cater to all levels of fitness, body types and sizes. As a Military Instructor and Personal Trainer, Michael understands the fundamentals and importance of appropriate rehabilitation. 

This has allowed him to understand the necessity of having a flexible approach to fitness. Michael is a unique trainer that takes his knowledge and professional experience serious and pushes people to their own pace, however allowing them to achieve their maximum potential with the importance of discipline, positive reinforcement and motivation.

“Training at Bootcamp Compamp is not a 12 week program, it’s a lifestyle. Many people complete 12 week programs and believe there is an end, however its just the beginning. As maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fitness is an ongoing process”

m. 0412 711 407

e. info@bootcampcompany.com.au

w. www.sunshinecoast.bootcampcompany.com.au


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