Movement is something that we all do, it enables us to go places, keep fit, have fun and much much more. Movement is a very fickle thing; repetitive movement over long periods and inactivity (lack of movement. e.g. sitting) will put excessive amounts of stress onto the physical body (Muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones). The muscles of our body will slowly tighten, effecting our skeletal structure, and in turn start producing aches and pains (the bodies way of telling us something is wrong).


Movement is capable of aiding mobility; strengthen the muscles and healing the body. You only have to look at young children playing in the park. They are still learning what their body can and cannot do, but with no fear of the repercussions. They will do cartwheels, handstands, jump, crawl, climb and contort themselves into all manner of positions. They believe that they can move in any possible way. We as adults need to take a leaf out of our closed book, become a child again and learn what movement is all about.

I was reintroduced to moving by Ido Portal, a Movement Pioneer with an amazing method. Since becoming aware of Ido Portal and his Methodology/philosophy, I have come to a greater understanding of our movement as a species and how it can aid our health and wellbeing. Movement training emphasises on mobility and strength in the right areas of our body. This type of training facilitates great mobility for the spine, pelvis and shoulders, while strengthening the core, lower back and legs. It trains the muscles of these areas the way these areas are supposed to be used.

If you would like to take a look down the movement rabbit hole I suggest you look at Ido’s website and start there.


Useful information, pictures and videos for common aches and pains. 
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Nutritional information and Recipes. 

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Challenges that will improve mobility, strength and body health. 

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Professionals in other modalities that I recommend 

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