Like movement Food is a very important to our body and health. Put the wrong things in and this may cause an excess amount of inflammation (Gluten intolerance) and problems down the track. But put the right things in and your body will function at optimal capacity.

Well what is the right food for your body?

I believe that our diet should reflect our body, lifestyle and ethics. Our body needs the best fuel to perform at its best. By putting in all organic fruits and vegies you take away the risk of any nasty herbicides and pesticides. Alternatively you could take the next step to grow your own food, this way you know exactly what has been used on the plants and it doesn’t take a lot of room to supply yourself with quality vegies throughout the year.


Fats over recent years have received a bad wrap, but our body needs good fats to function correctly. These good fats are found in red meat, fish, poultry avocados, cheese and nuts, especially in the bones and connective tissues of meat. If you have any ethical problems with the way animals are raised and butchered then your meat is best sourced from a local farmer that grass feeds their livestock. Some farmers on the Sunshine Coast also butcher their own animals, so you can get the best product possible.

Sugar is a major talking point at the moment, with excess amounts being linked to Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease. Like Fat our body needs sugar, just not the processed stuff constantly being shoved in our face. Sure some chocolate every now and then is fine, just not excessive amounts of processed sugar. Besides nature has already created sweet bombshells that contain vitamins and fiber, being fruit. I recommend eating the fruit the way it comes of the tree, not juiced. Juicing takes out the fiber that gives your body that satisfied feeling of being full.

Prepackaged meals, sure they are handy and save a lot of time, but what is actually in them. Most prepared meals contain high amounts of salts; sugars flavor enhancers and artificial preservatives to keep them edible in their long stasis. I would stay clear of them at all costs, cooking is not hard and doesn’t have to take an eternity. Just look at Jamie Oliver creating TV series and books based on 30 minute and 15 minute meals.

All in all I believe a “Common Sense Moderation” approach should be taken with food. Meaning you should eat what you want and what your body needs, but not excessive amounts of either. Cause food should be enjoyed and used to fuel our busy lives. So eat raw and fresh foods that fill the body and supply it with all the energy it needs.

Your body will thank you.


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